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About Me


My name is Kjetil. I'm currently playing Path of Exile. Path of Exile is my main game as a streamer. I started streaming in October 2015, and I'm now a full time streamer and I aim to continue to improve my stream any way I can. Let me know if you have any feedback!

I'm from Norway, but I moved to Belfast five years ago and studied Computer Science at Queens University! I Have a youtube channel with a lot of highlights, and I also have a 1on1 podcast series there!!

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Highlight Videos

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    Make the MOST out of your KRANGLER & mods to look out for!
    My non-gamer girlfriend tries Path of Exile!
    The GOOD and the BAD of Scourge League
    What changed in the new Atlas?? Let me explain.
    SCOURGE IS NO JOKE! - PoE Scourge Day 1 Highlights
    T2 Map trick - EASILY farm a 6-Link Porcupine Bow for Toxic Rain!
    ‚ÄčA build for the @CohhCarnage community! - Poison Spectral Helix Occultist
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    The MOST PROMISING new skill! - @nugiyen 's Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder
    It's BACK and it's... STRONGER?! - ED/Contagion Trickster 3.16 Leaguestarter
    The SMOOTHEST Mapper for Scourge - @jungroan 's VD/DD Spellslinger Inquisitor
    The COOLEST Starter for Scourge - @ShakCentral 's Cold DoT Occultist [HC and Low-Life SC]
    Possibly the STRONGEST STARTER for Scourge - Lightee's Toxic Rain Champion
    The BEST Melee build for Scourge! - Quantrik's Earthshatter Berserker
    We're all just as hyped! - Stalling Podcast w/ the boys
    Efficiency in PoE - Find MORE currency in LESS playtime!
    My tips & tricks for a FASTER and SMOOTHER League start
    Which of my OLD Leaguestarters are still VIABLE? - Path of Exile Scourge
    Business Email [email protected]
    Mailing Address New PO Box When New 4House