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About Me


My name is Kjetil. I'm currently playing Path of Exile. Path of Exile is my main game as a streamer. I started streaming in October 2015, and I'm now a full time streamer and I aim to continue to improve my stream any way I can. Let me know if you have any feedback!

I'm from Norway, but I moved to Belfast five years ago and studied Computer Science at Queens University! I Have a youtube channel with a lot of highlights, and I also have a 1on1 podcast series there!!

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Highlight Videos

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    How I leveled my VD/DD build to Blood Aqueducts in 3 hours!
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    A Quick Look at NARAKA: Bladepoint!
    Path of Exile for beginners - EARLY MAPPING everything explained
    Path of Exile for beginners - EVERYTHING you need to know
    Lost Ark Podcast - PvE, PvP, Endgame, and Monetization
    Hideout Competition for $1150! - Lord of the Rings theme
    LOST ARK - My First Impressions
    My non-gamer girlfriend beat Atziri?? ON THE FIRST TRY?!
    First death of the league
    This filter helps you find GREAT items for Mythic orbs!
    Unboxing TWO $5000 PCs from Artesian!
    Business Email [email protected]
    Mailing Address New PO Box When New 4House