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Zizaran and the community will be partnering up with Shopify Rebellion to bring the next iteration of The Gauntlet starting December 10th at 8:00PM GMT! With likely the hardest Gauntlet in the last league we look ahead to SCOURGE! One of the deadliest league mechanics in a long time but also a patch where we get a lot of defensive quality of life as well as buffs. We have decided to go with some new mods to test our players. That's right GGG has added TWO new mods. Check below! GGG has supplied over 9000 MTX Rewards, a guaranteed mystery box at level 50, the event league, and demigods! Twitch drops will also be active for Day 1 in which you can earn a Wrangler Portal Effect. Shopify Rebellion has supplied Physical Prizes that ANYONE will have a chance too win simply by reaching certain level thresholds. These physical prizes include 10x Gauntlet T-Shirts, a Lian Li PC Case, an Oculus VR Quest 2, a 1440p 165hz MSI Monitor, and a $3000 Custom PC. If you would like to help support the prize pool you can donate HERE. Shopify Rebellion will be matching ALL donations up to $25,000.

Gauntlet is an in-game event where players compete and earn points by leveling characters, killing bosses and delving to see how all of the classes fare in some of Path of Exile's most difficult encounters. To add to the challenge, Gauntlet also has added modifiers. The event will take place as a Solo Self Found Hardcore Scourge Event League.

If you would like to help support the organization of these events you can buy a limited edition Gauntlet T-Shirt Here:

This time around we will also be doing LIVE CASTING on Zizaran's Twitch Channel! Octavian and BigSil will be teaming up to bring you daily Gauntlet Action! Kammell will be joining us on day 1 to bring extra insight in to the Gauntlet!

Prize Pool Crowdfunding

To help fund the Prize Pool we will be using Paypal Pools. Anyone can donate to the Prize Pool: Here

Shopify Rebellion will be matching ALL Donations to the Prize Pool. Up to $25000.


Random Draw:

Leveling your characters to certain levels can put you in random physical prize draws supplied by Shopify Rebellion! You can gain more than 1 ticket per account for the MTX / physical prizes below however, you cannot win more then ONE prize PER Category Below. GGG has also supplied over 9000 MTX at different level thresholds including a guaranteed Atlantis Mystery Box for reaching level 50!

SSFHC Scourge

League Mods:

  • Monsters Fire 4 Additional Projectiles - New
  • Unique Monsters have 80% Increased Life - New
  • Monsters have 70% Increased Area of Effect
  • Monsters have 20% More Life 
  • Monsters have 20% Increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed 
  • Monsters deal 20% Increased Damage

Prize Pool:

Shopify Rebellion will be matching all donations to the prize pool. (Up to $25000)

The Total Prize Pool will be split as follows:

    • The bounties placed by streamers and their communities during the fundraisers
    • The prize pool minus bounties will be rewarded as follows:
    • Rank 1 Overall: Gauntlet Trophy + 12% Bonus
    • Rank 2 Overall: 4% Bonus
      • Witches

        • Top Witch: 8%
        • Second Witch: 4%


        • Top Shadow: 8%
        • Second Shadow: 4%


        • Top Ranger: 8%
        • Second Ranger: 4%


        • Top Duelist: 8%
        • Second Duelist: 4%


        • Top Marauder: 8%
        • Second Marauder: 4%


        • Top Templar: 8%
        • Second Templar: 4%


        • Top Scion: 8%
        • Second Scion: 4%

How to Join

This time, Grinding Gear Games has made Gauntlet an EVENT LEAGUE. So show GGG how much you love the event and make sure to participate. Just Log in, click Join in the bottom right of the character select screen and get grinding at the start of the event!

  1. Log in to Path of Exile
  2. On the day of the event, click join in the bottom right of your character select screen.

Remember to make sure to read the full rules and full information supplied HERE

Special Thank You To:

Shopify Rebellion: Event Partner

GGG: Providing the Event League, MTX Prizes, Demigods, Twitch Drops

NordVPN / ClearStart: Event Sponsors

BigSil / Octavian0 / Kammell: Event Casting

Faderon: Supplying

MrMadakey / GloriousBeard: League Moderator / Boss Submissions

Skryah & OMGitsJousis: Event Highlights

Viyro & Zizaran: Event Organization

Healz: Event Clipper

Prizing Eligibility:

Note: Cash prizes will be completely handled through Paypal. You will need to be able to receive money through Paypal to claim a cash prize. For physical prizes we will make every effort to get the prize to you but we reserve the right to substitute a prize for a prize of similar value for ANY reason at ANY time should there be difficulty. Keep in mind physical prizes will likely have a decent delay.

Business Email [email protected]
Mailing Address New PO Box When New 4House